EVM Liquidity Layer (L2)

ZuluPrime operates as a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, focusing on EVM compatibility and offering sophisticated DeFi applications and financial services on the Bitcoin Network.


ZuluPrime operates as a Layer 2 solution on Bitcoin, focusing on EVM compatibility, liquidity, and offering sophisticated DeFi applications and financial services, facilitating asset use without needing to move to other ecosystems​​.

ZuluPrime is positioned as the Layer 2 (L2) solution on the Bitcoin network, presenting itself as a Zero-Knowledge EVM (ZKEVM) solution constructed on the ZK stack of zkSync.

Transactions conducted on ZuluPrime undergo bundling into blocks before execution. The Sequencer plays a crucial role in providing the world state both before and after the execution of all transactions within the current block. In the event of doubt, any individual can act as a Challenger, challenging the execution of the current block. Theoretically, these transactions require re-execution on Layer 1 (L1) to ensure confirmation at the same security level as Layer 1. However, due to Bitcoin's inability to execute smart contracts (which may originate from various smart contract calls), ensuring L2 security becomes challenging.

BitVM introduces programmability to the Bitcoin network, operating on the premise of minimum trust (1 of N level, ensuring a sufficiently large N). This, to some extent, addresses the problem described above of replaying transactions on Bitcoin. However, upon meticulous evaluation, certain challenges persist; notably, the necessity to deploy all smart contracts on BitVM. From the standpoint of verifying the validity of transaction execution, this presents an inherently inefficient solution in terms of resources, scalability, and data privacy.

To navigate past those challenges, we introduce the concept of Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK). Essentially, a proof is generated for the execution of all transactions, and successful verification indicates the validity of the transaction execution. This method, from a verification standpoint, mitigates the impact of higher-level transaction types, as the ZKP verification program consistently runs on BitVM, irrespective of the transaction logic. The only variation between different blocks lies in the input of the program.

To maintain uniformity in the execution environment, the verification network bases the execution environment of the ZKP verification program on BitVM. Subsequently, Challengers have the ability to challenge the results of its execution.

ZuluPrime has a fast block generation speed, so it needs substantial computing power from different provers to generate proofs for blocks. Simultaneously, ordinary user engagement verify networks are also essential on the network. Given the low computing power requirements of the ZKP verification program, these networks facilitate swift verification of proofs, thereby ensuring system security. ZuluPrime's overarching objective is to enable users to access the verify network on their mobile phones, lowering the barrier for user participation.

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