Welcome to Zulu Network

ZK Bitcoin Protocol Moving Bitcoin Forward.


Zulu Network is an innovative ZK Bitcoin protocol that enables developers to seamlessly deploy dApps on both EVM & UTXO layers, unlocking native yield and innovation.

Zulu is a recognized key contributor to BitVM, poised to launch the first trust-minimized Bitcoin bridge. Join our 727k+ users and start earning and shaping the future on Bitcoin with Zulu.

EVM + UTXO + Innovation

EVM Liquidity Layer

Layer 2 on Bitcoin, prioritizing EVM compatibility, liquidity, and delivering stable and sophisticated DeFi applications and Financial Services to the Bitcoin Network, while facilitating the use of assets such as BTC and BRC20 tokens on different dApps without the need to navigate to other ecosystems.

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UTXO Innovation Layer

Layer 3 on Bitcoin. It employs a hybrid VM design that is not EVM compatible but supports both UTXO and Account types. This design preserves the capabilities of Bitcoin, while adding extra features, enabling developers to explore new innovative possibilities.

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The Zulu Network

The EVM and UTXO layers are interconnected through a seamless bridge, facilitating swift asset transfers between them.

The validity of Zulu’s state transitions is verified directly on the Bitcoin Network through a BitVM bridge, introducing Turing-complete programmability to Bitcoin.

This innovative approach enhances the overall functionality and compatibility of the Zulu Network, marking a significant step forward in the realm of DeFi on the Bitcoin blockchain and beyond.

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